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Larry D. Leiman, CCSM

Today's construction industry has unfortunately become an extremely dangerous accident prone industry. Being superseded by only the mining and fishing industries with higher fatality rates, the accident ratios industry-wide closely correlate to the volume of business within the industry, indicating that when a given industry's workload is high, safety levels and precautionary measures put in place to protect the company and employee from loss tend to receive less attention, and the end result is often costly.

Construction management must have a primary concern for employee and workplace safety, and a moral, economic, and legal commitment to ensure workplace safety.

The economic impact of workplace safety is the most obvious and tangible result of management's decisions. In any construction job, the costs associated with an accident can be immense. Material losses (where no one gets hurt but materials or supply items are damaged or destroyed) are easily accounted for and nominal to remedy in most cases. Sometimes the specific accident increases the losses incurred by a company because of construction timeline delays involved in resolving the accident. That resulting cost is considerably higher than any materials loss in most cases.

When an accident involves employee injury or loss of life, the cost becomes more difficult to put a number on since “life, or returning to an equal quality of life” doesn't have a part number or a dollar value applicable in a broad definition.

One thing is certain: poor safety guidelines and precautionary measures result in accidents. Insurance companies base their premiums upon historical evidence and safety records, and in turn inevitably increase insurance premiums.

You need a Construction Safety Policy in effect at all times.

Bringing safety consciousness to construction organizations is my job, my life, and my compassion. I'm prepared to:

  • Be an adviser to site management
  • Undertake the safety responsibility on behalf of job sites
  • Formulate the company's safety policies
  • Advise management on recent industry related legislation and safety matters
  • Assist in drafting of safety procedures
  • Report and investigate any jobsite accidents with the full preparation and analysis of all safety records
  • Provide certified Safety Training to all employees as necessary
  • Provide a Safety Assessment Report of site management.
  • Inspection of sites to ensure compliance with safety measures (Safe working methods, proper use of construction equipments, protective clothing, and availability of first aid)
  • Provide industry information to jobsites on accidents that have happened elsewhere, to help generate safety consciousness within the respective project or jobsite (learn from other's mistakes).

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